A prophetess and prophet will normally operate in their prophetic gift from within two communication functions. Their gift will be activated by the Holy Spirit from the auditory or the visual spheres. This article will help you discover and understand your dominant sphere. By that, I mean the most common internal process through which the gift of prophecy will be activated. Many beginners will experience frustration until they recognize the uniqueness of how they personally are being activated in the prophetic. Here is an opening word of advice: don’t compare yourself to others. If you operate at any level of prophetic function that gift will be uniquely formatted to flow through you. You can not be someone else nor can they exactly model what the Holy Spirit is doing through you. Roses can be recognized for their distinctive floral qualities and by virtue of this are grouped into the rose family. Yet each individual rose plant holds minute definitions that make it one of a kind. Likewise this uniqueness is true in the prophetic forum.

I define the function of the Auditory realm as follows:

In this dominant function a prophetic message will come to the recipient in words, thought patterns, sentences or whole completed editions. The recipient will then speak forth the message that he or she is hearing.

I define the function of the Visual realm as follows:

In this dominant function a prophetic message will come to the recipient in pictures, scenes, live streaming and storyboard. The recipient will then describe what the images are showing and that becomes the prophetic message.

In the scriptures we have examples of both types of prophetic function. Some prophets would be called seers because they functioned in the visual dimension. Others would receive the word of the Lord and were auditory based in their function. In Isaiah chapter six the prophet sees the Lord high and lifted up and is a clear example of the visual medium operating. In Micah chapter one verse one, the prophet receives a word from the Lord which were often called oracles from the Lord. This is an example of the prophet functioning in the auditory dimension.

Prophets today will usually function out of either the auditory or the visual. If you tend to compose a letter from word patterns then your dominant strength is in the auditory. You will usually receive prophetic messages in that fashion. On the other hand if you compose a letter from visual concepts then your dominant strength is in the visual. This will help clarify why some people new to prophetic venues will often say in frustration ” Oh, I seldom have visions or dreams,” yet they will have a will developed ability to communicate and articulate concepts. This is how this auditory person will receive prophetic downloads. Each type should be aware of the auditory and visual dimensions and ask the Holy Spirit to sharpen their abilities in their area of strength so they can enter into prophetic experiences.

At times both the auditory and visual realms overlap. Let me share a personal example here before I close. Recently, at night I had a dream. I saw Jesus off in the distance but moving rapidly toward me. He was clothed with radiant light and glory. In seconds the gap between us narrowed but as He approached He was increasingly becoming brighter to the point that He appeared like lightening. At last all I could see was the outline of His Presence in the background of this tremendous release of pure white, radiant light that streamed from Him. I could feel this light going right through me. When He came very close to me He suddenly disappeared but then spoke to me. ” I Am still with you. I have merely passed out of your visual spectrum but I have come to speak with you.” He further explained, “What you just observed is what happened in the upper room after My resurrection. The disciples suddenly saw Me standing in their midst because I stepped into their visual spectrum. I talked to them and eat with them. Then I stepped out of their visual spectrum. They felt I left but I never leave. I only step in or out of the human visual spectrum so that visually people can encounter Me.”

He then went on to speak to me about the transference of spiritual provision. That all provisions exist in Heaven and appear there in a light like form. When someone on earth has faith for that provision that faith draws the provision into the natural earth dimension where it takes on substance.

In this dream both visual and auditory dimensions where operating. It is my opinion that every prophetic person will encounter both of these distinctive realms as the Holy Spirit releases His prophetic power.

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