The Perfect Handbags for Those Who Love Black

Ah yes, the color black. There’s nothing more discreet yet powerful color that evokes that sense of mysteriousness, sensuality, and occasionally, fear. Put said color in an expensive luxury handbag and you got something that screams “Damn b*tch, I have arrived.” Black is a wise decision when choosing a handbag […]

Importance Of Self-Defense

In simple terms, self-defense, also known as private defense, is a method, which counters the action of the opponent as the means to protect someone from harm. In the global scenario, self-defense, which is subjected to varied interpretations, is a type of acceptable legal justifications to use force as the […]

The History of the Abaya

The traditional abaya is a plain black robe worn by Muslim women to cover their regular clothing, It could be described as a long-sleeve robe-like dress and it is the traditional form of dress for many countries of the Arabian peninsula including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In Iran […]