Chinese Paintings

Chinese paintings are famous all over the world for their unusual combination of materials and different techniques. Chinese painting is a traditional form of painting and has been in existence since a very long time. A large number of exquisite wall paintings were produced in the initial period of China’s […]

Should We Follow Fashions?

Fashion is often associated with what pop stars or celebrities are wearing, but it actually refers to much more than the exclusive and expensive clothing producing by leading designers. Instead, it means clothing that is in style at a particular time and implies the process of innovation and change in […]

How to Teach Analytical English and Literature Online to Home Schoolers

What Is Analytical English? When the author refers to analytical English, she means that teachers can do more than teach rudimentary grammar and speaking. Reading with literary analysis can be employed at any stage/level to improve speaking skills. Analytical-English teachers explore literary elements including plot, setting, conflict, crisis, characterization, rising […]