EASTER BLUEBONNETS Like most Texas landscape painters, I have done more than my share of bluebonnet paintings, so while the top of a “Painted Church” was from a plein air done one Spring afternoon near Schulenburg, the bottom half of a field of bluebonnets was just a big fib. I […]

Boha Glass’s Recent Asia Expedition As some of you might know, Boha is on tour in Asia at the moment, looking for up-and-coming artists, across a wide array of artistic fields.  From local pottery to stone-carved smiling Buddha statues, mosaic-rimmed mirrors to beautifully embroidered traditional clothing, and much more besides. […]

This post is for owners of a Weebly website. It’s a bit techie – but not as techie as it should be! What follows covers the background to the transition from a Weebly Account to a Square Account – by 6th October 2022 problems encountered en route the appalling transition documentation […]

Last January, I visited my friends’ ranch in Ingram and painted the Plein air (below left.) The morning was overcast and misty, but as the sun peeped over the hills, the sky took on a soft pink cast. After I returned to my studio I decided to paint 2 large […]

What is Fused Glass? Fused glass refers to the process of heating two or more pieces of glass in a kiln at very high temperatures. Basically, the pieces are melted together so they form a single piece of glass. Fused glass also has many creative uses but the invention of […]