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Are you planning a camping or backpacking trip and need a new backpack for the road? Picking the right backpack for you is an important part of organizing your trip. Choosing the perfect backpack is tricky, if it’s too big then you’re left with an extra load which may wi9egh you down, and if it’s too small, then you may not have enough room to carry everything you need. If you face a similar dilemma you may be wondering where the best place to get a backpack is. Is it worth shopping online for one?

Should you buy a backpack online?

While you might want to buy a backpack from an offline store yourself, it’s also perfectly safe to shop online. There are many quality online stores where you can find the right backpack to suit your needs. Read some reviews from other customers to help you filter out the best brands with the best backpacks. 

Many online stores are very descriptive of their products so you’ll get a good low down of the backpack you’re buying alongside the reviews from other customers. So don’t worry about being ripped off online or buying an unsuitable product. If you know what to look for, you’ll find tons of top-class backpacks on the online market.

That being said, what should you look out for in a quality backpack?

  1. How big should your backpack be?

 Backpacks come in many different sizes. On the market, you’ll find small backpacks designed to carry supplies for 1-3 nights to backpacks big enough to carry 10 days worth of provisions. When considering size, you should also make sure you pick a backpack proportional to your body. If your backpack is too big or small, the weight won’t be balanced and may cause back pain and stress during hiking. No matter how much muscle strength you have, you should never try to hike with a heavy load.  

  1. How much should a backpack cost? 

The price of a backpack depends mostly on its size and brand. They can cost from $80 to as high as $350. The big-name brands produce the best backpacks but their products can often be on the expensive side, but if you feel it’s worth it, the extra bells and whistles they come with might come in handy during your camping trip. Ideally, however, you should plan to keep backpack costs down and buy one in the mid-price range because there are a lot of other expenses while camping or hiking.

  1. Extra bells and whistles

The extra features a backpack comes with should be one of the most important factors in our choice. For example, how many compartments does the backpack have? This will affect how much stuff the bag can contain. Also look out for extra features like pockets, rain cover, sleeping bag compartment water bottle holders, and stuff of that ilk. 


Shopping online for your backpacks is worth it as long as you shop from reliable outlets like Blaroken and other customer-approved online stores. Read the guide and reviews to make the best choice!