Where to Buy Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Medical Supplies -

The Coronavirus has not only changed the way the world operates, but it has also introduced a number of new words into our everyday conversations and vocabularies. Words such as lockdown, social distancing and face coverings aren’t new terms, but for 99% of society, these words are used in conversation daily. PPE is also a new term and one that tops the sales charts of online shops the world over.

PPE (personal protective equipment) was limited to use in specialist industries and jobs. However, since March 2020, it has become mandatory to wear PPE items in public spaces in the majority of countries around the world.

Face masks of all types have been declared by the WHO (World Health Organization) and numerous leading medical experts to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus from person to person. After a time, these items need to be replaced. Where are you able to buy replacements online – and is it safe to do so?

It is safe to purchase PPE products online from reputable retailers. Medical supplies companies are geared up for this as they have already been adhering to strict medical protocols but have increased their safety measures in the manufacture, storage, and distribution of PPE products. To know more about those processes and the safety of their packages, read reviews of companies such as LollicupStore.

The most popular PPE products are face masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, alcohol-based wet wipes and infrared forehead non-contact thermometers. All packages handled by distributors are treated with the utmost care to prevent the transmission of the virus and are stored in areas that are thoroughly sanitized. Hand sanitizing stations, face masks and face shields, as well as hand gloves, are mandatory for medical supplies distribution and other product categories.

With an unprecedented demand for PPE, safety equipment, and medical devices such as ventilators, manufacturing plants have banded together to produce these items in large volume. Auto assembly plants, t-shirt makers, and others have all set aside production facilities and manpower for the manufacture of these essential items.

It is unlikely that the Covid-19 danger will leave us in 2020 or even in 2021 as a vaccine is still a long way off, and certain parts of the world are experiencing a second and third wave of infections, that PPE and medical devices will be a thing of the past. In fact, PPE will remain part of our lives for a number of years according to scientific journals as the world works together to defend itself from the Covid-19 virus that has caused more than 1 million around the world to date.

It is important to adhere to the basics of personal hygiene and safety to prevent contracting Covid-19 and in spreading it too. Washing your hands with hand sanitizer that contains a 70% alcohol-based solution is proven to kill the virus’ cells. You should also clean surfaces in your home and office regularly with this too. Avoid close contact with other people and maintain at least a 6-ft social distance between yourself and others. Always cover your mouth and nose with a face covering when you’re around other people.

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