How Not To Look Old By Charla Krupp

It was with a huge amount of interest that I read “How Not to Look Old” by Charla Krupp. After all, I turned the big 5-0 this past November and I’m a grandmother of two, so I would love to know how I can (per Krupp) “look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lights and 10 times better”!

Charla Krupp is known as a style guru. She has done over a hundred style segments on the Today Show and has appeared on over 30 national televisions, including Good Morning America and Oprah. She currently writes a fashion column for More magazine.
Obviously this is one lady who knows about looking good.

Her new book is filled with great tips on the usual subjects-hair, make-up, what to wear and what not to wear once you get to your fabulously 40’s and beyond. Charla writes the “dead giveaways” that date women and how to avoid them.

I loved her section on how to buy jeans that make you look as great as they feel to wear. Another terrific thing is that at the end of every section there is a “Brilliant Buys”, which let you know where to get the products that will help you look and feel your best-and she covers a wide varieties of budgets sectioning them off into High, Medium and Low maintenance areas. Perfect.

The end of the book lists how and where to go in 21 cities across America to get your youthful appearance.

Some of the ideas and suggestions that I found helpful: Lighten your hair; make sure you aren’t wearing “mom pants” or “granny glasses”. Don’t wear dark lipstick! Change to a pink shade and you instantly brighten your face and take years off your look. Who knew a swipe of a nice warm pink with some gloss could make me look so much better? And stop wearing those matching business suits.

Also-don’t wear mini or midi skirts-both date your appearance and not in a good way!
There’s an entire chapter devoted to the “nip and tuck” selections and how and when to buy the right bra. Very informative-even with her great figure, Krupp admits to using a full body piece of shapewear. There are also very good tips about choosing legwear and under panties.

How Not to Look Old even addresses the use of medical intervention. While the author doesn’t advocate the use of “going under the knife”-she does say that she’s a big believer in botox, restalyne and the like.

I could easily go on, but then you wouldn’t go out and buy this very helpful How to Beauty book. I loved the quiz at the beginning-I always thought of myself as a very low maintenance kind of gal-turns out I’m more of a medium. Go figure, I love to learn something new everyday-this was it.

One thing I have to say-Krupp is a big believer in wearing “heels” and I (swoon, grimace, cringe) cannot wear them. I’d love too, but then she probably doesn’t have what several doctors have termed “I’m so sorry about your toes” feet. I’m sure if I could, I would and I’d look a lot better. But I’m also sure I’m not the only person with feet that can’t survive without the aid of prescription orthotics and running shoes. Sigh. Charla-maybe your follow up book can address this issue?

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