Colourful Interior Design I Maximalism is On Trend I Boha Glass

Interior design trends are constantly changing with different styles and ideas having their moment in the sun so to speak. Soft, natural shades, earth tones and minimalistic colours and lines are a design classic and remain popular. However, more and more people are opening their minds and therefore their homes to colourful interior design – bold colours and maximalist styles of pattern and shape. 

Currently leading the way as the UK’s ‘Queen of Colour’ is Sophie Robinson.  She is famous for her TV shows, podcasts, and collaborations with retailers and homeowners worldwide.  Her Instagram page is full of bold, lust-worthy interiors. Sophie’s bright and beautiful interior styling is reflected in her sartorial style, and is a perfect example of practising what you preach!

“Dull and drab is no longer acceptable for those wanting to live confidently and creatively. I’m on a mission to ban beige in people’s homes!” says Sophie. 

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