The Basics of e-Commerce Design & Why Design For The People?

The world of e-commerce is likely something you have stumbled upon multiple times before, and while many of us generally have an understanding that it includes selling things online, it’s not always clear what it means exactly. The world of e-commerce has been incredibly profitable for many individuals worldwide, and in some cases, even developing from a small-scale business venture into a sprawling and renowned global corporation. This short article aims to give you a better idea of what e-commerce is and how you can get started.

What Is E-Commerce?
To put it simply, e-commerce is an online selling business model in which individual business owners will sell products via their website store. An e-commerce business will not use a physical store to sell its items; instead, it will rely solely on transactions made over the internet. This has a number of pros and cons, but one of the most notable benefits to running an e-commerce business is that you won’t have to pay for rent on a physical store or hire people to staff the store.

What Are The Types Of E-Commerce?
There are a few different types of e-commerce business models out there, and the main differences tend to be about who is selling what to whom. For example, you could have a B2B e-commerce model, which stands for business to business. This is where you could facilitate transactions between two businesses, such as wholesale suppliers and retailers. Of course, you could also be the business that sells to other businesses too. You then have B2C, or business-to-consumer, which is relatively straightforward and involves selling products directly to customers. There is also C2C or consumer-to-consumer, which facilitates sales like B2B e-commerce but allows individuals to sell to other individuals like the eBay or Etsy models.

What Can You Sell?
You could sell many things online, from hand-crafted artisanal items to procured items from wholesalers. The most profitable products to sell online can vary with public demand. This is why you’ll often find e-commerce businesses that change their offerings regularly to keep up with the changing desires of the public. However, there are a number of product types that retain a high-profit margin for e-commerce businesses. These include jewelry, beauty products, watches, clothing, candles, home decorations, and phone accessories. 

E-Commerce Tips
One of the most useful tips for those starting their own e-commerce business is to work on building the trust of customers as much as possible. While e-commerce can be very profitable, it’s also a highly saturated market. It’s also pretty cutthroat, and you’ll often find competitors popping up out of the blue after seeing how successful you may have been with your products. This is why you need to develop a strong relationship with your customers to keep them shopping with you instead of switching to a competitor. You can do this by putting a lot of focus on your social media marketing and ensuring you engage properly with your customers regularly. You should also focus on SEO or search engine optimization to ensure that whenever someone searches for the types of products you sell, you appear as high as possible on the search results.

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