Hairstyle Trends For 2009

2009 represents the year of change. In the realm of politics, 2009 will be welcomed with the election of the first African-American president. In the realm of economics, 2009 is a test of fire for the guts and acuity of businesspeople against the looming economic crisis. And in the realm […]

Should You Learn to “Twitch?”

Marc Prensky’s article, “Twitch Speed: Keeping up with Young Workers,” was eye-opening for me as an educator, a media producer and parent. Presnsky wrote about how this “Twitch” generation processes information in a parallel instead of a linear fashion. As the mother of two “Twitchers,” and a media instructor who’s […]

Key Elements of Interior Designing

Interior designing is all about imaginative leaps and implementing them to manipulate the space provided. The process aims to deliver an optimal blend of functionality and visual appeal. To keep things in order, some ‘logical’ strings, such as the architecture, utility, budget, and client’s specs, prune the boundlessness of creativity. […]