How small is small? Five billion electrons per second are said to travel through a light bulb. Ten million atoms in a row stretch less than one-tenth of an inch. Thus, in the first Chapter, Beneath the Surface of Things, on the first page, Kenneth W. Ford introduces readers to Lilliputian measures. Here, we discover atom smallness, its power, and the governing force for life itself: contributor of industrial might and expounding on the uniqueness of speed, light, and time.

Ford introduces us to a minuscule mass of leptons and hadrons, in company with fermions and bosons; and in so doing, he reveals the soul of element characteristics, of sub-particles quick to change configuration, and of specific activity inhered in particular matter evolution. We discover the pairing of particles and sub-particles into mirror reflections of particle self, the particle and antiparticle: able to miraculously merge into other classifications and yet split again to go separate ways. We begin to unravel of particles in powerfully controlled conditions.

Certain fundamentals are necessary to grasp the significance of Cyclotrons, Linear Accelerators, and even the powerfully endowed Tevatron. These devices are able to propel particle missives onto collision courses, at almost visual light speed, and thus create evidence and decay of matter particles. But to understand cause leading to the experimental effect is to read the fundamental instigation of matter interchanges as laid out in orderly fashion in this book and other physics endeavors intended to simplify the atomic world. Here, Kenneth W. Ford writes an appealing account of quantum physics, to help the serious reader make sense of advanced science. Admittedly, with all its successes, quantum mechanics remains mysterious even to professional scientists.

At the core of this book are big ideas of quantum physics, including energy, granularity, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, nature of fermions and bosons, plus superposition and entanglement, where, an atom can be in two or more states of motion at once.

This book imparts both wonder and fundamental knowledge concerning the strange laws governing atom workability, nuclei force, and interchanges regulating our quantum world. If the reader enjoys physics, experiments, and theory, they will enjoy this comprehensive insight into super-speed and minuscule-sized worlds of motion, space, and matter. Readers with abiding interest in particle mass and behavior will enjoy this journey into the minute and busy world of quantum interactions.

Those interested in the almost incomprehensible world of quantum mechanics, thus the physics world, might also be interested in the less translucent world of metaphysics. While the world of physics deals with physical reality, the metaphysical deals with those things not answerable to science and including the supernatural. In this area, serious enquiry raises questions and changing interpretation of biblical code, of secret principals, and of the time line faulty in traditional conclusions. Such error is understandable, for Bible authors intentionally wrote in cabal or parable to hide theological intent. Recent research has penetrated the legal-historical cabbala and disclosed its true intent to those with interest. Readers are welcome to compare these findings with traditional misinformation.

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