Very often women are faced with the question of whether to put make-up on their eyes when wearing glasses or if they put on make-up, how to make it look visible through them.

There are a few rules in makeup that must be followed when you have to or want to wear a pair, which will undoubtedly make you look irresistible – a good combination of glasses and makeup can make you look very beautiful!

1. The shape of the frames of the glasses affects the choice of makeup

If you have eyeglasses with a large frame, which is above the eyebrows and below the eyebrows, then your eyes will certainly point out, because the glass will not cover part of the eye. With such frames, you have the opportunity to make up with stronger colours, to put more emphasis on the eyes, and to use eyelashes. These frames give the greatest freedom in makeup.

2. The colour of the frames should match the colour of the make-up

You have to make sure the colours match each other – red makeup with a dark violet shade will darken your eyes instead of highlighting them.

If you have coloured frames, for example like these Kate Spade glasses, it is better to choose a more neutral shade and less strong make-up. Black frames and thin frames give more freedom in choosing eye shadows.

3. Do not forget to emphasize the eyebrows

Given that part of the frame can cover the eyebrows and that they are not prominent, so you can consider that there is no need for additional care for the eyebrows, they should still be tidy and beautiful.

The colour of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the hair, but also with the frames of the glasses. Shape them nicely with a brush and pencil to get a complete look.

4. Watch your lashes

It is obligatory to curl the lashes upwards so that they do not touch the lenses of the glasses and cause a problem, like a stain on them, and you will have an additional obligation to clean them.

With well-groomed lashes, you can afford and make an upgrade with artificial lashes that will accentuate your eyes further

5. Ability to hide eye bags

The eyeglasses are great at hiding eye bags! If you choose the right ones, you will hide them forever, but that does not mean that you should not cover them with make-up. Apply a good powder and foundation for it, prepare the eye bags s with make-up just like when you make-up without glasses. Learn more about eye bags on this link.


However, the makeup used properly can contribute to having an irresistible look that is perfectly complemented by the right glasses.

You can choose any type of glasses that will suit the shape of the face but also the shape of the eye. Remember – they increase the ability to be creative with makeup so feel free to try.