Experience Browser – Adding Intelligence to Web Personalization

ByMarcella L. Bouffard

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It is not just enough to know if personalization is working on your commerce site. Apart from displaying the right content or products to shoppers, you should also know why and how they are being shown. But do you?

As marketers aim to drive higher visitor engagement, delivering personalized customer experiences has always been a top priority. The more individualized the experience, the higher the engagement and better the conversions. By investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning for e-merchandising teams, companies want every website visitor to have their own unique experience, rather than defining a generic, one-size-fits-all experience.

AI solutions these days, rather most of them, are made for automation. They are not designed to build on existing capabilities and the accumulated intelligence internal to the business. There is also a definite lack of visibility into how they arrived at an outcome. Such ‘black box’ solutions are quite simple, and thus do not provide business controls, visibility, and extensibility, thereby limiting the companies from uncovering the best outcomes using AI.

Xen AI, through the Experience Browser, opens this “black box” and gives you visibility into how the system works, giving you unprecedented control over areas to improve and explore, test new possibilities, and deliver the best outcomes.

The Experience Browser: AI Transparency the Way You Always Wanted

Understanding why and how an optimal experience was selected for an individual is key to aid decision-making for business users. That is exactly what XB, or Experience Browser provides – a keen insight into how Xen AI is driving performance.

The XB UI sits on top of the customers’ websites and gives you actionable insights into how personalized experiences are being created. Traditional tools do not even come close to having such functionality.

An intuititve visual overlay enables business users to edit and audit AI decisions using a single click on aspects like unified customer profile, summary of recommendations, dynamic segments, rules involved, and strategy evaluation.

Picking Individuals From the Unified Customer Profile

All the interactions that any specific individual has had with your brand can be viewed through the XB. Since all the data does not include personally identifiable information, whatever analysis you conduct and insights you derive don’t step upon the privacy of your customers.

All searches, the different dynamic segments they belong to, declared and derived preferences and affinities, clicks, prior purchases, and standard geo-location data if shared are available at a single click.

For companies that run omnichannel businesses, matched profiles with offline and store purchases can be depicted by the XB.

Understand the Strategies Used to Drive Decisions on Every Placement

Multiple areas in any website can be personalized. These areas include, but not limited to, product placements, content placements, search overlays, and promotional offers. Through the XB, one can easily understand why and how the decisions were taken by the Experience Optimizer, the heart of the Xen AI engine.

In short, multiple strategies are measured against one another in a competitive match by the Experience Optimizer and the best one is chosen as per the context in real-time. After applying the merchandising rules, the personalized experience is determined for every customer.

Along with the strategies picked by the Experience Optimizer and the rule selection, the Experience Browser also shows the reason behind that particular selection and a progressively filtered result set.

Real-time Trends on the Website

At any given point in time, you can use the Experience Browser to view the product trends as they happen, in real-time, including views, clicks, and purchases on the website. Holiday or seasonal sales preparedness can benefit greatly from this.

In terms of products viewed but not purchased, the insight gained can help merchandising teams determine boost versus bury rules.

Deep Links to Experience Insights

The presentation of real-time reporting and multi-dimensional analytics provided by the XB nicely complements the Algonomy dashboard. Easily accessible reports for sales attribution, slice-and-dice by segments, cohorts and more across key metrics – attributable sales, revenue per visitor, session, etc. are just a sample of the insights that you can derive from the XB.

Content Performance Rankings And More

Visualizing content performance at a glance is really handy. This is also made possible by XB. Drilling down to details like which pieces are being used where and how much is the performance affected by any kind of placement change. In a few clicks, you can determine engagement as well as conversion through the XB. Understanding how much revenue flowed in due to a creative asset is a unique capability offered by the XB.

Experience Browser Is Imperative for Your Holiday Readiness Plan

Having visibility across your strategies and their efficiency in driving personalized experiences is key to generating more conversions. That is exactly what the XB helps you achieve. Club that with your holiday readiness initiatives and you have a recipe for success.

Learn more about commerce personalization and how Algonomy can help your business.

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