5 Best Student Cities in Spain

Got a break from your studies and wondering which city of Spain will be best to explore? Scroll down to know the three best touring spots in Spain. 

There are so many facts that can make you fall in love with Spain. The rich culture, welcoming locals, lively music and delicious food, everything is there to attract travelers. But if you are a student and want to explore the country with a limited budget, these cities can host you the best: 


Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a bustling city and a perfect epitome of beauty and art. Although the city is quite expensive, the students can enjoy themselves there while spending less money. Most of the parks in Spain are open to the public and you can visit them without investing a euro. Don’t miss out on visiting Parque Retiro, the world-famous green space containing monuments, lakes and the gigantic Crystal Palace. 

History and art are also an asset of the city. You can enter most of the museums there for free by showing your student ID. The museum Museo Nacional Del Prado has always been a favorite spot for travelers. there you can get to view the richest collection of Spanish paintings. 

Seeking discounts is never too difficult in Madrid. Some restaurants like EL Tigre offer complimentary tapas with every round of drinks. You can also order food at home but make sure to follow the tips to buy online as not only does ordering online come with a variety of discounts but also, you have endless options to choose from. 

Sites like OpinionEspana enable you to check what customers are saying about different restaurants’ quality, hygiene conditions, and most importantly taste. Also, the reviews there will help you in verifying whether the restaurant is following health measures to prevent coronavirus or not. 


Barcelona is a top tourist destination around the world. Not only does the sunny weather and elegant boulevards attract visitors, but the startling architecture is also there to mesmerize them. The buildings of Antoni Gaudí and his architectural genius are scattered all around the city.  

The church, Sagrada Familia with its lush design is one of the best pieces of work by Antoni Gaudí. The Park Guell is an enormous hilly park housing several monuments, colorful mosaics and flower gardens. The icon Casa Batlló is the best depiction of creativity and modernism.   

Furthermore, the wonders of Barcelona do not end here. This big city contains great adventures and if you are tired of walking around, hop on the T10 metro and ride to the less central areas for only €10. 


This third largest city of Spain is nowhere less than Barcelona and Madrid. You can head over to the Valencia beach, chill out on the soft golden shore, view the wide-stretching Mediterranean and of course can have a dish of paella or a shot of world-famous Spanish wine. 

L’Oceanogràfic is the largest aquarium in Europe. It has a total of 45,000 animals and 500 species including whales, dolphins, penguins and reptiles. Though the ticket might be expensive, the marine life you will explore is worth investing in. 

Also, don’t forget adding the Botanic Gardens, Old Towers and City of Arts and Sciences to your touring list. 

The Bottom Line 

Alicante, Murcia, Toledo and many other cities of Spain are a popular tourist destination. If you are fortunate to go studying in Spain, we suggest taking out time and tour all these artistic and vibrant cities.