How to identify real human hair extensions

With the growing demand for hair extensions, suppliers of beauty products are often finding themselves overwhelmed with procuring the right products. This, in addition to the age-old gimmick of selling fake products as real, has led to the common practice of selling synthetic hair extensions under the name of real human hair extensions.

As a result, customers, especially those purchasing hair extensions for the first time or experimenting with brands, are often confused about the best method of determining whether the extensions sold to them are real or fake. If you, too, find yourself wondering how you can spot a fake set of hair extensions, keep on reading.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions are pretty simple to identify in an ideal situation when compared with a synthetic set of hair extensions. However, you do not get ideal conditions all the time. So here is how you detect whether the supposed best human hair extensions are made from real hair or not:

  • Research: The internet is full of informational videos showing natural versus fake hair extensions undergoing a number of testing experiments. Synthetic hair and human hair behave differently to different stimuli. For example, if synthetic hair extensions are exposed to heat such as that from a heating iron, hair straightener, or curler, you may get a burning smell quite prominently. If your extensions emit this kind of smell, then they are definitely made from synthetic hair.
  • Quality: Human hair extensions come in a lot of varieties in quality. For example, Remy hair extensions are made from the finest quality human hair strands. However, despite there being a range of different qualities, synthetic hair extensions are easily identifiable. These extensions are nowhere close in terms of color, texture, or overall quality of the individual hair strands.
  • Source: When purchasing hair extensions, whether for the first time or the 100th time, a good rule of thumb is to purchase from reliable sources. So, how do you discover whether a particular source is reliable? Well, as with any beauty product, hair extensions are also produced by various brands. Novice purchasers can look at reviews from clients and opt for known brands. However, if you are a somewhat experimental person and have found some sources whom you trust, it is best to stick with them.
  • Price: If someone is selling you “real human hair extensions” for a cheap rate, know that it is fake. Hair extensions actually made from real human hair are actually quite expensive, and no one would ever sell anything for a loss. It is important to note at what price the product is being offered. There would never be a sale or a new launch offer which sells hair extensions made from natural human hair at a suspiciously or uncharacteristically low price.

Purchasing hair extensions can be a rather tedious process when it comes to authenticating their character. However, we live in the golden age of the internet, where you can find unlimited resources to compare different brands, get reviews, and know exactly how to detect fake hair extensions.


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