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Today, silicon products are more likely to be used, while consumers are more familiar with the structure characteristics of silicon. Because of the silicon construction feature, it is not toxic, it is durable and flexible, while consumer confidence is being used, and product requests that are different, easy to use and can maintain shape with high quality special silicon products are also increasing. The industry is expanding the use of silicon products, taking into account these demands, while taking into account consumer requests with customized options.

Today, it seems that there is a lot of direction toward your own diy products. Our hobby activities are not only to assess our time, but to make people happy with the results that have emerged. It appears that this is high with the spiritual value of your own diy products. We can use custom silicone molds to make toys for our children, diy wax molds, and sleek, fine-textured products for our home, or gifts for people we love. We can reproduce sculptures with the diy patterns; we can make cupcakes shaped for our children, and we can make bread for ourselves as well as for our own.

Silicon mold materials can be removed easily because they are flexible without special support to remove a product. It will be a functional choice with high temperature resistance. You can safely use and clean silicone molds. Its odorless and non-toxic construction is dust-proof and resistant to deformation. Newtop rubber makes it your signature with customization options. 3D allows customization to works of art and size details, or to any feature of your choice.

Büyük Dalga Kokulu Mum Silikon Kalıp

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Büyük Dalga Kokulu Mum Silikon Kalıp

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We don’t have to wait around for the things we do in our house and we make every detail of ourselves. With the help of a BPA-free silicone die, you can make your own candle with a choice of white and customized colors. Whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones, you can not only give them a candle, but a gift of your work. If you prefer not to make candles with this mold, you can make beautiful and smelly natural soaps, pots, any hand labor you want. This silicon mold is safe and durable, as well as its resistance to temperatures and flexible construction, making it easy for you. With long-lasting use, you can do great activities with your loved ones.

Alfabe Silikon Kalıp

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Feel free to reflect the beauty in your soul. You don’t have to wait to mix different colors and produce different art products. With an alphabet Silicon mold, you can reveal your craft in a few lavender in glass-colored soap or any dry flower you love. With a safe silicon construction, the alphabetical silicone mold is resistant to deformation.

Yüksek Hacimli Özel Silikon Bebek Tavşan Tasarım Diş Kaşıyıcı

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Moms are very careful and meticulous when choosing the products they will use for their babies. They want the products that babies will use after birth and in the coming months to be healthy and quality, and not toxic. Silicon products are a variety and feature to address mothers’ concerns. With silicon products to be used during the baby’s development months, it will comfort both the mom and the baby.

The period of teething is one of the most difficult times in the development of the baby after birth. One of the biggest assistants in this period is the teething cashier, pushing the baby and the people around it. Babies instinctively want to scratch their palate to make teeth easier to remove. They uses his products to scratch them teeth. The teething process has been built with tools called teething casters to help the baby and scratch the gums.

In the product market, wholesale silicone beads are produced for babies in a variety of shapes and colors. However, as parents, it should be careful that these products do not contain sharp parts that will damage the baby and that there are no sharp parts. The rope must not contain substances that are not suitable for entering the mouth, such as fabric, and must be sterile. Silicon teepovers will be an important tool for her daily life when she enters the life of babies. These tools help relieve your palate, creating pressure on your gums, reducing the discomfort caused by teeth. Because the structure does not contain healthy silicon, odorless and toxic chemicals, you can safely use with.

Yeni Toptan Gıda Sınıfı BPA İçermeyen Silikon Bebek Diş Kaşıyıcı

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Babies can be grumpy during teething. For them, the lightweight and easy-to-grasp teething toy is easy to carry in your bag. Easy to play and clean, this teething toy is also easy for your babies to grasp. You can also choose the colors of the BPA-free silicone teething caster from baby’s favorite colors.

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