Ruslan Khasanov | Visual Experimentations

About Ruslan Khasanov Ruslan Khasanov (1987), is a visual artist from Yekaterinburg, Russia. His work is driven by the motto “Beauty is everywhere,” which Ruslan expresses in digital photographs, music videos, typography, and illustrations. Working Attitude and Creative Views At the heart of Ruslan’s work is the desire to show […]

Germans Ermičs | Glass Experimentations

About Germans Ermičs Germans Ermics was born in Riga (Latvia) in 1985. He lived his academic years in Copenhagen (Denmark), where he studied design. Through an internship at the Rasmus Koch Studio, he developed his skills as a graphic designer. In 2007 he co-founded, as an art director, the Latvian culture magazine Veto, […]

Why Waist Trainers Are Popular Among Women?

The waist trainer is the latest beauty item that has captured the interest of women all around the world. This garment’s popularity is growing all the time. Recently, even the most admired celebrities have been using and promoting them. Waist trainers and thong shapewear bodysuits are the trending items that […]

Victoria Beckham Joins Paris Fashion Week

[ad_1] Beckham will current her initially stay clearly show due to the fact the pandemic Daniel LEAL Textual content size Victoria Beckham will join the official line-up of Paris Fashion Week with a live runway display this autumn, the organisers declared on Wednesday. The British designer and former Spice Woman […]