8 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

They say stepping outside your comfort zone is key to growth and success. But when it comes time to relax and enjoy quiet time at home, there’s no disputing that comfort is king.

Turning your home into the ultimate sanctuary of comfort won’t happen overnight, especially if you’re starting from scratch in a brand-new place with minimal gear. 

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the essentials: everything from ultrasonic cool mist machines to organic accouterments and more.

Stay tuned–the keys to true comfort await. 

1. Soft Yet Focused Lighting

Nothing kills the vibe in an otherwise cozy home setup than harsh overhead lighting. Unless you want your space to evoke the industrial feel of a warehouse or soulless office environment (you don’t), rethink lighting to emphasize softer, warmer tones and focused areas of interest. 

Learn the color temperature scale and seek to eliminate “cold” lights in the majority of your fixtures. This simple adjustment will dramatically boost the coziness of any living space. 

2. Play with Textures and Materials

The best interior designers know the power of texture when creating a cozy home environment. The key is to use a range of different fabrics, materials, constructions, and colors to build something totally unique and greater than the sum of its parts. 

Better yet, this is totally achievable without running up huge bills on trendy furniture and fixtures. Simply use a healthy mix of plush fabrics, stainless steel, rustic wood, and other materials that speak to your senses. Contrast smooth and shiny, soft and hard, and other polar opposites. 

Keep everything clean and polished so that the textures pop 24/7.

3. Regulate Air Quality

It’s hard to stay comfy in an environment that irritates your sinuses and causes guests to sneeze when they step through the front door. Thankfully, air quality is within your control to a great degree, and you can start improving it right now. 

From ventilation and circulation to air filters and ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, you aren’t helpless when it comes to air quality control.

If you’re concerned about mold or other health concerns you can’t see, it’s worth reaching out to a professional service that will fix the problem. 

4. Apply the Rules of Feng Shui

While some principles of feng shui might seem esoteric, many aspects of this ancient design framework are highly practical and applicable to the most basic home setups. 

For instance, feng shui stresses the power of verticality, utilizing wall space to the fullest degree instead of spreading out clutter horizontally. It also teaches the importance of keeping entryways open and accessible, so that energy can flow freely throughout.

Don’t forget to position key pieces of furniture in commanding positions that give you full visibility of the space and maximize creative energy.

5. Consistent Cleaning and Care

You know you’ve made it as an adult when your vacuum becomes a close personal friend. In truth, cleanliness is a key to coziness that can’t be ignored, so get accustomed to frequent cleanings with at least one deep clean per quarter. 

If you haven’t yet mastered your cleaning tasks, take this opportunity to create a checklist and gather all the materials you need. A physical checklist, not a mental one, is always preferred. 

It can feel laborious at first, but before long, you’ll start to view cleaning as a chill, enjoyable activity that brings you in perfect alignment with ultimate home comfort. 

6. Engage All the Senses

The coziest homes always feature distinct characteristics for multiple senses at once. The sights of a well-organized space, the sounds of calming music or fountains, and the smells of home-cooked food or flickering candles. 

All five senses should be considered when creating the space you envision, from visual balance and air quality control to the house chai tea recipe that your guests rave about.

7. Introduce Organics

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the presence of plants and other organics in the home. There are so many ways to incorporate these elements, and they don’t need to break the bank or demand intricate maintenance. 

Learn more about the top types of house plants to get started, and test out some different placements to set the vibe right. If worst comes to worst, opt for artificial plants and flowers that add some visual appeal without the extra effort. 

8. Curated Accessories and Imagery

Minimalism is fun in theory, but let’s be honest: everyone loves to collect little items and artwork to liven up the space. Find items that evoke originality, and speak to your true nature. 

Of course, antiques are always preferred over mass-produced, store-bought items. 

Achieve Ultimate Comfort at Home

From pillows and curtains to paintings, rugs, and ultrasonic cool mist floating through the air, you can always do something to up the comfy quotient in your home. 

Let this guide inspire your next home makeover, and always look for ways to improve your space. 

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